Good Design Leads to Good Ideas at Work

What is productivity in today’s workforce? No longer is it keeping your head down at your desk all day cranking out work. Today, productivity involves collaboration, teamwork, and creativity. Solutions are reached when coworkers happen across each other during a chance meeting on the way to the coffee machine or on the way down the hall. Today’s workplace design needs to encourage those encounters that foster new ideas and innovative thinking.

Here are some design tips to foster collaboration and innovation:


Ditch the walls in the conference room. Use glass walls instead of your typical wall surrounding the conference room. This can create stimulation and hold the interest of those involved in the meetings. For added stimulation, you can put the conference room in the middle of a busy place.

Have a flexible design. Your workday isn’t static, so why should the furniture be? Work benches, breakout spaces, lounge areas, adjustable height desks and conference tables are some great ways to improve creativity and productivity by keeping the mind and body fresh during the workday.

Create social hubs. These are places employees can gather and socialize. This is a great alternative to sitting at a desk eating lunch, or taking a break alone. The social hub allows employees to talk with people they might not even meet otherwise, depending on the size of the business. Social hubs allow employees to enjoy idea sharing and collaboration.

Just remember we’re designing for people, and the best way to maximize human potential and performance is designing places people want to be. For a free consultation on a design solution for your business, contact River’s Edge at

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